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"CHOOT 'EM"  (Taz x Schminke)

We purchased Choot 'Em from Schminke Genetics in 2013.  He sired many champions as a ram lamb then the tradition carried on throughout this past show season.  He set the bar high here, and we are anxiously waiting for the new sires to step up.  We unfortunately lost him to an accident during the past breeding season, but we are thankful he was able to get a few bred.  

"BANDERA"  (Maker x Masterpiece daughter)

We bought this Miller Hampshire ram as a yearling.  He is a Maker x Masterpiece daughter, and he looks just like his daddy.  He is big boned, gigantic footed, and throws a lot of shag to his babies along with big backs and huge hips.  Partners with Stamey Club Lambs.

´╗┐"Easy Tiger " (Flawless x Mainspring)

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to be partners with Hull Club Lambs on purchasing this ram lamb.  His babies are hitting the ground and they sure look fantastic.  His mother is Mainspring which is also the mother to Priceless and 2017 Denver Grand Champion.  This boy is shallow chested, huge hipped  with a gigantic pin set.

V\FireBall (Cabiness283-16 ) 

We purchased this yearling ram last summer with Stamey Club Lambs.  This ram is good ribbed, big footed and deep flanked with lots of shag.  His pedigree features Six Bits and 2 sisters to the great Composure ram. He is sired by a Wolf ram that is loaded with Impact genetics.

"SALVATION" (Miller x M&M Livestock)

´╗┐Thanks to Smokin Show Stock (Tray, Krissy and Tyson Black) for buying 1/2 of this guy.